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Uranus opposite Mercury

Unpredictable Ideas

Kelli Fox

A long-ago past-life betrayal damaged the trust and intimacy between you, and the karma from that experience still has yet to be resolved. As a result, you'll have a hard time connecting long-term in this lifetime unless you can work through some of these issues surrounding trust, commitment and reliability. Your partner will almost automatically view you as being unreliable, even if you're simply being yourself and doing what you can to demonstrate your commitment to them and to the relationship.

Again, it's that old karmic vibration resonating within them all over again, making them feel that, as exciting as you are to them -- and they will find you quite exciting -- you'll also irritate them to no end. You'll represent intellectual freedom and individuality to them, and therein lies the key to unlocking this door that will otherwise keep you closed off to each other: Your partner will have to recognize that a part of them is afraid of commitment, too. This will be quite apparent in your conversations: Your ideas will be wide-ranging, while your partner will keep trying to steer you back to their own sense of logic and what 'makes sense' to them. At best, you two will have a wonderful effect on each other if you can appreciate your differences in thinking and meet somewhere in the middle. If that's not possible, however, you'll just grow annoyed with them for always trying to keep you on the straight and narrow, while they'll feel upset at your unpredictable, eccentric way of thinking.

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