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Uranus conjunct Venus

Inspect Your Motivations

Kelli Fox

You'll hold a lot of fascination for this person, and they will likely be quite attracted to you from the start. What they're responding to in you is your energy and originality, which are also what brought you together in a past life; but now, as it did then, that same uniqueness and unpredictability could end up making your connection a tense or even dissatisfying one, if you're not careful to build a firm foundation together. In a past life, stability eluded you when you tried to form a long-lasting connection.

Perhaps you betrayed this person's trust due to a basic fear of commitment; maybe it was circumstance that kept you apart, only permitting you to enjoy each other's company for brief periods of time. Either way, your present-day connection could take on this erratic quality if you're not conscious in establishing a much firmer connection this time around. If you sense within yourself the urge to hold this person at arm's length, you may need to inspect your feelings and motivations. It may be that you're living out that same karmic bond again, and it's time to end the cycle by facing your fear of commitment. Or, it may simply be that you're not interested enough in the relationship to work toward a stable, mutually satisfying connection.

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