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Uranus conjunct Sun

Building Trust

Kelli Fox

You two didn't have a stable, predictable connection in a past life, and you may not have one now, because that karma still isn't resolved yet between you. Something keeps bringing you together again and again, despite the fact that, especially for your partner, yours will be a rather unsettling connection. Of course, at first, you'll excite them.

Your originality will shine brightly through to them, and they will want to get closer to you and find out more about this new, strange and compelling person they've found. But as your connection continues, all the things about you that make you uniquely who you are will start to set this person on edge. They will begin to see you as being unreliable, even if you don't deserve that reputation in the least. Something about you will simply be unsettling to them, most likely due to that long-submerged and forgotten past-life connection, in which you somehow broke this person's trust. If you want the relationship to continue in a healthier way in this lifetime, you will have to find a way to reassure your partner that your intentions are good, your feelings for them are positive and you are capable of building a stable bond with them. If you're able to do this, you will be able to break that old karmic bond of erraticism, and replace it with a new connection -- one of helping your partner open their eyes to brand-new ways of experiencing the world around them.

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