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Uranus conjunct Saturn

Combining Your Strengths

Kelli Fox

You're an independent thinker. Whether in a subtle or an overt way, you like to push the boundaries rather than taking the tried-and-true path to success each and every time, and this is just one of your many qualities that will fascinate your partner. But it might also set them on edge, at least until you two can find a way to communicate about your differences.

They're more comfortable with a traditional approach, after all; their past-life experiences have combined to make them want to rely on experience, convention, rather than the new concepts you want to try out. This could cause some irritation and conflict between you, especially if you're trying to work together on a project -- which includes your relationship itself. But if you communicate well and have a strong foundation of just really, really liking each other, you can turn these fundamental differences into combined strengths. The best you can get out of this relationship will be to reach a point together where your innovations are as useful and respected as your partner's conservatism, and vice versa. This could take some time and plenty of cooperation, though. Past-life struggles that you experienced together will make this process a tricky one, and the old feelings of anger or even desperation may resurface. But working through this type of problem can only help, not hurt. In the end you'll have not only worked through your shared karma, but developed a better relationship with concepts you may have started out thinking were inferior to your own.

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