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Uranus conjunct North Node

Progress Through Excitement

Kelli Fox

You have come back into your partner's life in part to inspire and excite them -- to remind them that life is about growth, change and embracing the unexpected. You've 'come back' to them in the sense that you were great friends in another life, and then, as now, you inspired them regularly with your independence, your unique interests and views, and the way you are so fearlessly yourself. Your partner is growing and progressing in this life, and they will learn a lot from being around you and soaking up your exciting energy.

They'll be reminded of things they may have forgotten: the importance of being who they truly are, despite what others think of them; the joy of pursuing their own unique goals as opposed to trying to live up to external expectations that don't match their individual needs and interests. Even if this turns out to be a short-term connection, you'll have a positive effect on your partner, helping them become who they are and make great leaps in their karmic evolution.

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