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Uranus conjunct Mercury

Opening Your Eyes

Kelli Fox

Your current connection with this person will mirror one that you shared in another lifetime and place: You will once again open their eyes to a brand-new way of thinking, being and living, just by being your own, unique self. You'll stimulate their mind, helping them to make newer and better connections between concepts that, before meeting you, they may have thought were unrelated or even unimportant. This will happen in bursts of insight that will occur during your many conversations that jump from one interesting subject to the next.

You'll both get a lot out of this stimulating mental connection; you live for lengthy, interesting talks that explore all the possibilities of life, and your partner will really have their eyes opened wide through their association with you. This relationship may or may not end up lasting long-term, but even if your connection with this person turns out to be short-lived, you'll still make a lasting impression on them. And if your bond does continue, you'll benefit as well, as your partner will help you to bring logical form to even your most out-there ideas.

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