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Uranus conjunct Mars

Accepting Your Independence

Kelli Fox

Your independence and other unique qualities are what will attract your partner to you in the beginning, but soon, as your relationship progresses, those will be the very qualities that set off an aggressive or controlling urge within them. You will start to seem more and more unreliable to them, whether or not that's deserved; and their response to this feeling will be to try to bully you into submission. If this feels familiar, that's because it is -- this drama has been played out before, in another lifetime and place.

Then, you attempted to avoid commitment -- or perhaps it was circumstance that kept you two apart. Either way, it left your partner feeling dissatisfied and unsteady, and they will subconsciously recall that feeling in this lifetime if you become involved again. If you hope to work this out long-term, your partner will have to learn to accept the fact that your independence is necessary and inherent to who you are, and stop responding with possessiveness or even aggression. And you will have to learn to reassure your partner that you truly want to be in this relationship, and that you're there for the long haul -- thick, thin and everything in between.

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