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Sun trine Uranus

Mutually Beneficial Creativity

Kelli Fox

In a past lifetime, you shared a positive bond with this person -- perhaps as mentor and student or parent and child. It's unclear which of you held which role, because the give-and-take was so mutually beneficial; but it is clear that this person encouraged you to be exactly who you were, a dynamic that will make itself known in this lifetime if you become involved again. Now, as then, you see this person as a visionary -- a true creative force who helps to unlock that same wonderful energy inside you.

They want you to shine as only you can, and would never hold you back or discourage you from finding your path in life solely for their own, petty benefit. And you'll return that favor: You appreciate this person's individuality and independence, and you wouldn't dream of hindering their freedom. Even more than that, you share similar interests, and you can help this person bring their brilliance into concrete manifestation -- getting those ideas onto the page, so to speak. Whether you end up creating a lasting, stable bond together will depend on other influences between you, but this influence will help to ensure that any lasting bond between you won't be a restrictive one.

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