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Sun trine Saturn

The Pleasures of Partnership

Kelli Fox

As partners in business in another lifetime, you two learned how to work together well. You provided energy and personality to the venture, and your partner brought their solid work ethic to the table and made sure that you made sound, practical decisions. In this lifetime, you'll do just as well as a romantic couple as you did so long ago in business -- and in fact, you could start a business together again, if you want to.

The venture would very likely go well. Whatever the nature of your involvement in this lifetime, you'll look up to your partner as a voice of reason in a sometimes confusing, chaotic world. They can be a grounding influence in your life in the best way, reminding you to work hard, be cautiously optimistic and tend to your responsibilities. You'll give them a great deal of respect, which they'll return. For this reason, this relationship has a wonderful chance of lasting long-term. If you do stay involved in one another's lives for a long time, the relationship you build will be a growth experience for you both, one that teaches you trust, maturity and the pleasures of a strong partnership.

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