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Sun trine Pluto

Rocked to the Core

Kelli Fox

An immediate physical and emotional connection will make the bond between you seem intense, important, even fated. This person will be able to tap right into your core energy, the part of you that responds uninhibitedly on a feeling plane. Doing so will be almost instinctive for them, because you shared an intense, loving and sensual bond before, one that is long-hidden in the layers of time; and now that bond is resurfacing for you to enjoy once again.

You'll both recognize that old joy of connection when you touch for the first time, or share an emotional problem and work it out together. Together, you'll be creative, sexual, vital. That old strength of connection will rock you to the core all over again, making you gasp in wonder and delight at the possibilities between you. If other unifying factors are present between you, this aspect could point to a healthy and long-lasting connection, because it is so energizing and at such a deep level. If you do develop a long-term relationship, you'll surely help each other to grow into the person you already see -- the one that shines inside you and wants to be unleashed onto the world in its full power and glory.

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