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Sun trine Neptune

A Deep and Fated Sense of Devotion

Kelli Fox

You'll feel from the start that you recognize this person at some deep, intuitive level, and they'll feel the very same way. Yours is a soul-to-soul bond that may be unexplainable in rational terms. Intuitively, you'll recognize that this person could become very important in your life, and they will sense the same about you; you'll naturally gravitate toward one another.

Where does this feeling come from -- this sense that you're somehow fated to be together? It's likely that you shared a love in another lifetime that has endured through time. While this aspect in itself does not mean you two are fated to be together in this life, it does mean that you'll both sense that deep connection as you begin to get to know each other. And yes, believing in such a feeling requires a certain leap of faith -- after all, you're virtually strangers, and yet you want to explore and confirm this bond you share. What could be more romantic than that? Do watch yourself in the beginning, though. This kind of soul connection could inspire you to commit before you really know this person. Make sure that you take things slowly enough to match your intensity of feeling with real-life experience.

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