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Sun square Uranus

A Need for Comfort and Stability

Kelli Fox

This person will get under your skin like poison ivy, almost from the beginning. You could feel an instant, kinetic attraction, but the closer you get, the more you'll go head-to-head with them, and the more apparent it will become that on certain levels, you're different, even incompatible. But your differences won't really be the main issue; intimate connections, after all, can grow between people with next to nothing in common.

No, the issue between you two will be more a clash of wills. Maybe you remember this person from a past life, one in which they led a revolution that you yearned to join but were ultimately too afraid to do so; or maybe this person simply betrayed your trust in a previous lifetime, plain and simple. In this life, even if you start out seeing them as exciting, they'll begin to seem more and more out-there -- and less and less reliable. Your instant attraction to them could turn quickly to dismay and upset, as their lifestyle and ideas begin to threaten your sense of security. Fear, challenge and aversion will take hold within you, because you need stability and conformity -- at least, you think you do. This relationship may burn out when you grow too uncomfortable with its erratic quality, but you could also use it as a catalyst to break out of the neat little box you've forced yourself into.

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