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Sun square Saturn

You Are Your Own Person

Kelli Fox

In another lifetime you looked up to this person as a teacher, guide or mentor. They instructed you on how to live your life, and you listened to them and tried to be the person they wanted you to be. But you were your own person back then, just as you are in this life.

And in this life, when you two come together again, though this time it will be in a romantic affair, that same dynamic of authority versus individuality will still be in place. Only this time, your partner will be more controlling and critical, and you'll feel more rebellious against their attempts to put you in a box. When they criticize the things you say, the clothes you wear, the way you behave both in public and in private, they will essentially be telling you that the way you are isn't satisfactory, and you need to live up to the standards they've set for how and whom you ought to be. But there's a subtext to this dynamic: Your lover will be afraid of losing you. In trying to control you and your behavior, they'll be trying to control the relationship, because deep down, they will be afraid it will all go awry. If you can keep that in mind -- that their motivation is fear of losing you -- you'll be able to treat them with some compassion as you gently but firmly assert your individuality. No one, after all, gets to control you but you. Your personality and your independence are your own, and they always will be. Your partner will likely respect you even more for standing up to them rather than taking their frequent criticisms to heart.

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