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Sun square Pluto

Triggering Old Issues

Kelli Fox

This relationship will bring up old, latent issues within each of you, and could get quite emotionally intense. Even when you've only just met, you'll push each other's buttons; old hurts will suddenly feel raw again, and the depth and power of your feelings could convince you that your bond is significant on some important level. After all, few other people in your life have made you feel this strange, compelling yet unsettling mixture of feelings, right?

Perhaps only your parents or someone else from your deep past has had such a strong, sometimes painful hold over you. You and this person could easily have been involved in a past life as master and slave, or controlling lover and captive heart. But why would you want to repeat that experience now? Of course, hooking up with someone who brings up old hurts can be a compelling, even satisfying process -- kind of like scratching at a freshly healed wound and opening it up again. But while the presence of old hurts means they have yet to be healed, it's up to you to decide whether you want to try to heal them within the context of this relationship. Do make this decision consciously. Otherwise, you're sure to get embroiled in something that's compelling but compulsive, possessive and even obsessive.

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