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Sun square North Node

Commit to Expressing Yourselves Truly

Kelli Fox

You may feel attracted to each other at first, even intensely so. But if you remain involved long-term, over time you'll both begin to notice that you're actually rather different at an important level. Your basic personality -- your individuality, and how you express it; your interests, your courage and confidence -- these are very much your own, and either you or your partner will start to realize that where they're headed in life is actually at odds with all the qualities that really define who you are.

Depending on how strong this influence is, it might even be detrimental to your lover's personal evolution to stay intimately involved with you. You might influence them too much simply by being yourself, expressing yourself and pursuing your natural interests. They could become diverted from their life path, and if you two ever break up, they'll feel quite disoriented as they realize how far they've strayed from where they were meant to go. This doesn't have to be a deal-breaker, especially if you have lots of other aspects that bring you together and strengthen your relationship. But this aspect does mean that both of you should pay extra attention to making sure that each of you express yourselves as individuals, no matter how different or separate that may make you feel.

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