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Sun sextile Uranus

Helping Each Other Grow Toward Independence

Kelli Fox

You two must have been good friends in a past life, because your connection now will be fun, fast-paced and definitely out of the ordinary. A certain sort of trickster energy will influence your bond, making you tap into what's wonderfully different about each other's personalities and points of view. You'll both sense in one another a kindred soul -- someone who inspired you in a past life, and who is here again in the present one to open your eyes to all the possibilities that this life has to offer.

Creativity will be one of your strongest connections; art, theory and philosophy will all be important to both of you, and your dates and conversations will run along those lines. If this relationship ends up lasting into the future, it will always possess this enjoyably kinetic energy. If not, you'll still have a positive effect on each other in the moment, because this relationship will emphasize independence, getting in touch with those true colors that you both possess but may sometimes be afraid to display. Your soul's journey, after all, is about becoming truly and fearlessly yourself, and a relationship like this one can really help point you in that direction.

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