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Sun sextile Saturn

A Strong Team

Kelli Fox

Your partner will be able to ground you -- to help you become more serious about life, in a positive way. Perhaps they were your guardian or teacher in another life, because in this one they will serve as a sort of mentor to you. You'll feel attracted to the way they take care of business; they'll seem strong and capable to you, and you'll want to emulate their competent, efficient attitude.

Especially if you've conducted your life in a somewhat haphazard way, this relationship could help you to focus on your path and become more settled within yourself. Your contribution to the relationship will be one of energy and spirit, which will help your partner stay lighthearted instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of everyday life. Good communication between you will help you both to keep moving forward and stay on track in your lives, moving steadily toward your goals. This aspect will also help in terms of building an enduring relationship that is lastingly beneficial for both of you. With a bond like this one, in fact, you could just as easily go into business together as keep this a purely romantic relationship, because it helps you work harder and more efficiently, as a team, and stay focused on the task at hand.

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