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Sun sextile Neptune

Echoes of Selfless Devotion

Kelli Fox

Sympathy and compassion will enhance your connection, based on an old, deep echo of shared feeling from long ago. These feelings will be mutual, but this person, especially, will adore you and want to give selflessly of themselves to you. They could even overwhelm you with love, especially in the beginning, because their devotion to you will be strong.

In another life you must have served them with equal devotion, and they're returning the favor in this one. Somehow, you'll set off a reaction within them of tender affection. They will treat you with compassion and empathy, smoothing out your rough edges and helping you to unfurl like a budding flower. And you, in turn, will want to return all that kindness and more, especially as you get to know them better. But that sense of trust and connection will be present between you from the start, as will a feeling of recognition -- those echoes of heart strings, reverberating from a deep and forgotten past. Creativity and spirituality will play important roles in this connection, as will intuitive, nonverbal communication. If this relationship lasts long-term, you will grow to know each other as intimately as you know yourselves.

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