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Sun quincunx Uranus

A Deep-Rooted Fear of Aloneness

Kelli Fox

Your buttons regarding intimacy needs will be pushed again and again in this relationship, as they were in past-life connections with this person. Once again in this life, your partner will strive to assert their independence while you struggle to hold on to the relationship and build a feeling of togetherness. You'll begin to see them as more and more unreliable, however, even as they come to view you as clingy, even needy; and this ongoing source of conflict will only become more uncomfortable for you both.

Working things out will require careful communication and compromise on both your parts. A good place to start would be to consider a couple of issues: first, why you might push so hard for intimacy with someone who resists it; and second, whether your need to depend on a lover might actually be a fear of your own independence or aloneness. These were issues that had a huge impact on your relationship in previous lifetimes; you two may have been separated by circumstance or politics, unable to be together for anything more than brief spurts of time. Ultimately, facing these issues in this lifetime could be a really positive growth experience. You'll have to learn to let go of your urge to control your intimate partner in a bid to feel safer, and learn to rely more on yourself. Once that lesson is ingrained, you'll be able to base your relationships on love, not need, and that's the big lesson here.

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