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Sun quincunx Neptune

Lift the Veil of Illusion

Kelli Fox

The emotional attraction between you will be strong, because at some unconscious level, you'll recognize each other from a relationship you shared in another lifetime -- one that was based in love, but in which you failed to connect completely at an emotional level. Now, in this life, though you may feel quite attracted to one another and warmly conscious of that subtle, undefinable link between you, you'll still feel as though you're missing each other somehow. Psychically, you won't be nearly as attuned as you'd like to be; you'll be a mystery to each other, and uncomfortably so.

When you express affection for each other, for example, each of you will be wondering in the back of your mind, Are they for real? Is this relationship itself for real? When one of you is feeling amorous, the other will feel aloof, and vice versa. In another life, you weren't able to trust each other emotionally, whether due to actual deception or simply to the fact that you both preferred the fantasy of your connection to the reality. If this relationship becomes important in your life, you'll have to find a way to break through that veil of illusion and accept each other as the individuals that you are, including your many differences.

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