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Sun opposite Uranus

Are Your Intimacy Needs Compatible?

Kelli Fox

Your connection may be an exciting one, but it could also push all your buttons when it comes to intimacy and independence. You want to feel closely connected, but your lover keeps running off on their own, doing things that surprise you. They may even push you away sometimes, whether knowingly or unconsciously.

This recurring gap between you will confuse you at best, and it could irritate or even hurt you. But neither one of you may realize that this push-pull comes from an old connection between you, from lifetimes ago, when you tried to rely on this person and they let you down. In this lifetime, if you two get involved again, you'll have to examine your own intimacy needs. How much do you really need or expect, and on how frequent a basis? If an exciting but unreliable lover is simultaneously attractive and repellent to you, take it as a sign that your own intimacy needs aren't what you think they are; perhaps you, yourself, don't want as much closeness as you think you do. But if you truly do want intimacy in a relationship, this one may not be the one for you. The differences between you will stand out in stark relief, making that all-important feeling of togetherness elusive at best.

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