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Sun opposite Saturn

Firmly Maintaining Your Identity

Kelli Fox

Your individual path in another life drew you away from this person, though as your lover, friend or perhaps your family member, they wanted or even needed to keep you close. That experience has left a lasting scar on their soul, and in this life, they will do what they can not to let that painful experience happen again, but their efforts will be at the expense of your individuality. Your unique mind and heart will scare them; when you try to assert yourself, they will try to clamp down on you, controlling you in any way they can.

They will develop a false sense of authority over you, and if you let them, they'll exploit and perpetuate this position in your life, telling you how you should behave, think, talk and feel. It's also possible that you were their favored student in a past life, but instead of following their teachings to the letter, you branched out in your own direction, and this independence threatened them. That dynamic will still be in place today, but this time around, it's related to their need for security within your romantic relationship. Unconsciously, they can't stand the thought that you'll leave them behind again, and so they will adopt a position of authority or superiority over you, though you're supposed to be equals. If you grow to care about them, you can help them through this difficult issue by being sensitive to their need for security, and reassuring them of your place in their life even while firmly maintaining your own personality, opinions and boundaries.

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  1. Theresa Shumate on October 4, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    I find that all aspects of my partner in which you described are true.

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