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Sun opposite Pluto

The Fierce and Deliberate Assertion of Independence

Kelli Fox

The longer it lasts, the more this relationship will require you to assert your independence in a fierce and insistent way. While that may be a good lesson to learn in the abstract sense, you might want to ask yourself whether it's one you really need to learn in real life, because the path toward mutual understanding between you and this particular person is almost certain to be a rocky one. Domination and possessiveness will become bigger and bigger issues between you, so much so that it could become apparent to you that in a previous incarnation, you were locked in a bitter battle with this person, between cruel master -- them -- versus you, their slave.

Now, you'll strive all over again to be yourself, truly and freely, while this person strives to keep you under their direct control, perhaps by any means necessary. It's very important to consider what might appeal to you in a relationship like this one. Why would you subject yourself to someone who challenges your basic authority over your own mind and body? Is there some part of you that is scared of the responsibility of determining your own course in life? If so, this relationship may act as a catalyst toward claiming your independence once and for all.

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