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Sun opposite North Node

Seduced by a Sense of Familiarity

Kelli Fox

Your partner may feel attached to you from the very beginning, because you'll represent familiarity and comfort to them at a deep, perhaps unconscious level. Both of you, in fact, could slip into a comfortable routine together right from the start, not realizing you're simply acting out an old pattern from another lifetime, one in which you were intimately involved. Your souls remember that connection, even if your conscious minds don't, and it may feel like the most natural thing in the world to renew the bond yet again.

But especially for your partner, this won't necessarily be a good thing, though it could feel wonderful. But think about it -- if your souls are meant to progress, how will it help your partner's soul evolve if they take what amounts to a step back in time and become someone they used to be in another life? They should be seeking out new experiences, challenges and lessons. Besides, your position in their prior life as an authority figure will bleed through into this life, and they could spend a little too much time trying to please you, live up to your standards or simply absorb your interests, and not enough time focusing on who they're becoming and where they're heading next.

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