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Sun opposite Neptune

Falling for the Illusion

Kelli Fox

This person could develop deep feelings for you from the very beginning, which may or may not be a positive or comfortable experience for you. In another lifetime, they adored you, giving you selfless, even reasonless devotion; and they'll want to do so again this time around -- even though you're not quite the same person that you were all those lifetimes ago. Still, they'll idealize you, seeing you as they subconsciously remember you being instead of as the person that you truly are.

What's the problem with being put up on a pedestal? For one thing, the inevitable comedown from idealism to reality can be a rough one. But it's also rough to be on your end of things -- the side where your true self is ignored in favor of some rosy, inaccurate version of you. You just want to be loved for all that you are, including your flaws; whoever you were in a past life isn't the person you are today. So if you want this relationship to work, you'll have to overcome this old, soul-to-soul bond with clear, honest and direct communication. Be patient and persistent if you want your lover to recognize you for who you are rather than the person they want you to be. Of course, on a more positive note, a certain amount of idealism can play an important role in a budding romance. Early on, you may both feel an overwhelming rush of tender emotion toward each other. Just make sure to take things slowly.

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