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Sun conjunct Uranus

Get Ready for an Exciting Ride

Kelli Fox

This won't be the most even-keeled, stable relationship you've ever been involved in. The instability between you has happened before in other lives, and it's repeating in this one. There's something about this person that you'll recognize right off, which will excite you early on and at an elemental level: You'll see them and your heart will beat faster.

They'll touch you and you'll actually shiver. Their ideas will seem radical and their spontaneous approach to life will energize you -- even as it frightens you. Unconsciously, you'll be recalling that past-life connection when you wanted to be with this person but couldn't, whether because they were unreliable or because circumstances tore you apart. In this life, again, unless there are other, much more stabilizing factors between you, don't expect this relationship ever to move along a comfortable, predictable path; if nothing else, this person will hit buttons inside you that make you feel as if you're walking on the wild side. Instead of getting a comfortable, safe connection, you'll find all your expectations turned inside-out. You'll be challenged to learn a whole new way to be -- and this will likely come along with plenty of irritation. This person will seem unpredictable, but even more than that, they will challenge the very basis of how you view the world, and yourself. Are you ready for that?

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