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Sun conjunct Pluto

The Potential for Transformation

Kelli Fox

Getting involved with this person will shed light on your insecurities regarding love, intimacy and dependence, because they'll push your buttons from the very beginning. Yours simply can't be a light, casual connection, because your present-day bond will recreate an old, intense bond from a past life. You'll feel strongly about this person -- good or bad, and likely swinging back and forth between the two.

In a previous lifetime, this person betrayed you, whether it was as a lover or as a warrior whom you thought would always be by your side. Now, those same old insecurities will flare up again. You'll feel jealous and perturbed, even as you're intensely turned on -- especially when your lover refuses to soothe your feelings by telling you where they were or with whom, or how they really feel about you. There's a definite element of emotional manipulation and control here, and it's up to you how to handle it. Will you decide it's too much drama and move on, or stay locked in the cycle of attraction, jealousy, obsession, manipulation and betrayal? There is, of course, a third option: Use these powerful, uncomfortable feelings to transform yourself. You'll have to deal with those insecurities at some point, after all, and this relationship will certainly give you the forum in which to do so.

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