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Sun conjunct North Node

Shining as an Example

Kelli Fox

Your personality and individuality will be an inspiration for your partner. As they begin to get to know you, they'll realize you represent something important to them about their future -- where they're trying to go, at a personal, karmic level; what kind of person they're trying to evolve toward becoming. This doesn't necessarily mean you two will end up being a couple long-term, and it doesn't mean your partner will try to emulate you or your interests.

It's more that they'll draw courage from watching you being yourself, and they'll use that courage to become more on the outside like the person they already are on the inside. If they're the intuitively perceptive type, they may even feel as if their old selves -- the personas they've inhabited in past lives or in this one, which never did reflect the true person they were inside -- are falling away like dead leaves, making room for new growth and opportunity. One of the best gifts you can give to this partner is to be yourself, and to shine out to them as an example of the focused, courageous individual they could become if they allow themselves to grow.

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