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Sun conjunct Neptune

A Subtly Powerful Bond

Kelli Fox

Your connection will be subtle but strong from the very beginning, likely because you shared a close, emotional bond in a previous lifetime -- perhaps as lovers, but maybe as best friends or even relatives. In this life, you'll recognize one another almost immediately. You'll feel connected at the soul and you both sense the powerful pull, even though it defies logic or rational explanation.

Whatever the particulars might be of the connection you shared in a past life, now there will be a deeply felt, emotional, creative bond between you, and the connection you'll share will inspire you both. You share a similar sense of spirituality, and on your best days, you'll treat each other with great care and compassion. You'll be able to delve together into your emotional lives and your creative interests. You can also help each other a great deal in growing to understand your own emotional lives better, especially as you get to know each other better. If this relationship lasts into the future, and barring other more divisive influences between you, you'll both feel changed for the better through knowing one another.

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