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Saturn trine Venus

Nurture and Protect the Trust Between You

Kelli Fox

You must have loved each other well in another life, because you created some very positive karma together that has carried over to this life, and you'll be able to make a strong bond. If other factors between you point to love and commitment, this particular aspect is especially beneficial to a long-lasting and affectionate connection. One of your fortes as a couple will be to blend practical concerns with aesthetic and romantic values.

You'll both feel as though you can rely on each other. Even if your bond isn't outwardly affectionate, you'll both feel comfortable and solid together, secure in the knowledge that you can rely on each other. You'll be an especially grounding influence in your partner's life. They'll trust that you're there for them, that you hold their best interests in mind. In return, they'll bring a dash of style and romance to the relationship and make sure that things aren't all work and no play. You should both consciously nurture and protect the sense of trust between you. If you do that, you'll establish a wonderful balance between the important elements of affection and commitment, and you can both feel more secure through being involved with each other. Security creates the best foundation for karmic growth, and both of you will be able to take the steps you need to move forward along your personal paths.

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