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Saturn trine Saturn

You Possess Similar Security Needs

Kelli Fox

Perhaps you both struggled with desolate poverty in another life, so now you both work hard to ensure that you have enough money in the bank and food on the table to feel comfortable. Or maybe you both experienced some form of emotional betrayal in another lifetime, so now you both make certain that your relationships are built on a firm foundation of trust and intimacy. Because you experienced similar past-life traumas, your security needs are complementary in this life, despite the wide difference in your ages.

You're both willing to do what it takes to avoid living through those same experiences again, and you'll work together toward this end, perhaps even unconsciously, without having to spell out your feelings or intentions on this level. You'll both understand almost instinctively that if other factors are in place -- affection, love, goals and so on -- you'll be able to create a positive, mutually supportive connection that can last far into the future. This aspect could even imbue your connection with a feeling of togetherness and commitment right from the very beginning, especially if you both seek to connect at the level of supporting and validating each other's security needs.

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