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Saturn trine North Node

Positive, Karma-Fulfilling Changes

Kelli Fox

Your security needs -- the systems and structures you've built up to help you feel more comfortable and in charge of your life, goals and future -- will help your partner to focus more surely on their own goals and future path. As you two get to know each other better, your lover will turn to you more and more for your grounding influence and practical perspective. You'll offer them solid advice that they can use to move forward and make any necessary changes in order to attain their goals, becoming a more successful, secure person.

Just by being the person that you are, you'll inspire them to take responsibilities seriously and move forward in life. You can share your experiences and anxieties with them, giving them guidance and drawing from a past life in which you functioned as their employer, guardian, teacher or mentor, or perhaps their older sibling. This time around, just as you did so long ago, you can show them the value of setting realistic long-term goals. Due to a naturally strong communicative bond between you, you'll both trust each other from the start and will help each other make positive, karma-fulfilling changes in your lives.

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