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Saturn trine Neptune

Walk Together Along Your Path

Kelli Fox

As you work to meet your daily responsibilities and push toward your longer-term goals, you may forget from time to time that the spiritual plane is every bit as important as daily life and its accompanying minutiae. That's one way in which your partner can be a very positive influence on you -- they can help to connect you to a wider, deeper experience of life. There is a lot of potential between you for mutual spiritual growth.

With your lover's influence, you'll remember to tune in to your intuitions from time to time, instead of living solely in the realm of career demands, duties and so on. And you'll return the favor by grounding them in reality when they get a little too out-there in their fantasies of what could be. You'll be able to connect them with the here and now, and give concrete expression to some of their sweeter hopes and dreams. This comfortable blend of the concrete with the abstract is the result of positive karma built up in another lifetime; you two achieved something important together, something that led to your mutual spiritual growth. You'll be able to take definite spiritual steps again in this life when you blend your individual strengths and make your spiritual leanings an everyday reality.

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