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Saturn trine Mars

Focus and Move Toward Your Goals

Kelli Fox

Each of you can fall into certain traps from time to time that inhibit how much you can accomplish. For example, sometimes you might get a little gloomy, feeling bogged down by all your duties and responsibilities that sometimes become a little too heavy. Your partner, on the other hand, can sometimes push a little too hard toward their goals, or not hard enough; through either inaction or spreading their energies too thin, they lose sight of their goals from time to time.

But the two of you together make a formidable team if you make a point of blending your best energies. Your partner can enliven you, giving you a dose of their energy and helping you to see that tending to your responsibilities isn't so daunting after all. And when they're throwing their energies around in too many different directions, getting little accomplished, you'll help them to focus and see where they need to concentrate their efforts for the best results. See how complementary your energies and influences can be? This is positive karma that you created together in another life and carried it over to this one. Then, you may have been business partners with corresponding strengths that kept the enterprise running successfully. Now, you'll be lovers who can help each other move along your paths of destiny toward the goals you've set for yourselves.

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