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Saturn square Neptune

Attempting to Maintain Control

Kelli Fox

You'll have a hard time understanding your partner at an emotional level, just as you did in a past-life connection. Your needs for security within the relationship as well as in life in general are somewhat different from theirs; they take a more emotionally intuitive approach to life, while yours is more practical, focused on amassing those supplies and conditions that you think you need in order to feel safe. Just as you did in that past-life connection, if your relationship progresses past the beginning stages, you'll try to impose your own sense of what's right and rational onto your lover in order to maintain some semblance of control over what will begin to seem like a completely irrational and out-of-control situation.

But trying to impose your own sense of logic onto someone else is not only futile, it's shortsighted. Just because you can't understand their sense of logic doesn't mean they don't have one; it's simply so different from yours that you'll have a hard time getting it. Your partner is actually quite a creative person, as you'll find if you can greet their ideas with respect rather than anxiety. Rather than trying to control the ways in which they perceive the world and interact with it, you should try to learn something from this unique perspective of theirs. If you do try to exert logic and control over them, you'll just find that they slip through your grasp anyway; but if you simply do the work of being yourself and allow them to be the person that they are as well, you'll find that you're both able to blend your styles and learn from each other. The best that can come from this connection will be an increased sense of creativity on your side, and a greater understanding of practical matters on your partner's.

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  1. Ursula on June 24, 2018 at 3:16 am

    Hello Kelli,
    thank you so much for this analysis and your astrologically know how. You helped me alot, to understand better my relationship because of the most matches.
    Wish you the best.

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