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Saturn square Mars

Worry About Your Own Behavior

Kelli Fox

A long-forgotten bond from a past life, in which you and your partner were master and slave or jailer and prisoner, still lingers in both your minds today, and that same dynamic will rear up again if you become romantically involved. Your instinct will be to try to control your lover. You'll behave as if you hold some sort of authority over them, frequently criticizing their behavior and generally making them feel as if you disapprove of how they conduct their life.

But they won't simply back down in the face of your grim mental manipulations. Instead, they'll rebel against your attempts to control them, and they could become very angry and aggressive the more you try to clamp down on them. As your relationship progresses, you'll continue to try to make them feel guilty for doing things that come naturally to them, because their behavior will annoy you and set you on edge. Just like a parental figure in their life, you'll watch them make mistakes and grit your teeth, because they could have been so easily avoided. But stop, and think: Aren't these mistakes theirs to make, just as your mistakes are your own? Mistakes are useful as learning devices that teach us to try something different next time. This, in fact, is what you should focus on: Rather than trying to recreate that old power-play dynamic from a past life, you should try to build a much more equal and forgiving connection in this life. Instead of subjecting this person to your disapproval and criticism, take a step back and start worrying more about your own life and behavior.

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