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Saturn sextile Uranus

Combining Individual Strengths

Kelli Fox

You two have complementary strengths, which can benefit both of you if you become involved, especially in a longer-term relationship. Your partner has a unique, creative, even ingenious side. They may think about things in a way that has never occurred to you, or show you brand-new ways to tackle old concerns.

This is something they've helped you with before, of course. They were an inspiration in a former life as well, as your friend, business partner or teacher, when they opened your eyes to whole new ways of thinking and helped you step outside the bounds of tradition. And just as you did then, you can now return the favor by helping to ground them just a bit, bringing their more high-flying ideas down to earth and helping them find practical expression. Together, you two blend practicality and inventiveness, to wonderful results. In fact, you would make excellent business partners once again in this life, as you did in a prior one, merging inspiration with practical, focused effort for results that are at once workable and wildly creative. If you become involved on a long-term basis, you may want to consider whether there's a way to apply these individual strengths to some important joint project.

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