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Saturn sextile Sun

A Well-Functioning Partnership

Kelli Fox

You're able to teach your partner about life -- about accepting responsibility, taking your duties seriously and giving earnest thought to the kind of people that each of you wants to be. And your partner is able to remind you not to take everything too seriously. If you two fall for each other, this aspect will go a long way toward making your relationship last, because each of you knows that you work well together long-term.

You've had practice at it already, in another lifetime; you may have been business partners with a successful venture that lasted for many years, or you may have been involved romantically in a well-functioning union. You created positive karma together that has carried forward to this life, and now you are once again positioned to help each other out -- to bring a grounding influence to each other's lives and create a relationship that can be a safe, steady, solid haven to come home to. Especially if there are other factors between you supporting strong communication, this aspect will help to keep the lines of communication open between you, so that you can meet any obstacle with grace and practicality, as a team.

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