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Saturn sextile Pluto

Learning to Transform Yourself

Kelli Fox

When you come together in this life you may both perceive a sense of purpose that infuses your relationship. It comes in part from another lifetime, in which you two made a formidable team. You may have been partners in business, or in marriage; you may even have been warriors who fought side by side on the battlefield, protecting each other even as you looked out for yourselves.

In this life, you have certain security needs -- perhaps trust, or a solid income, or good communication with your lover -- and your partner will be able to help you to fulfill those needs even as they help you to become stronger within yourself so that you don't need so many external reassurances to feel internally secure. You'll connect at a deep level with the part of them that is deeply emotional and focused on transformation. You may even learn to transform yourself and your own thinking through following their positive example. By getting in touch with your own deep emotions -- your past-life fears, your current-life anxieties and more -- you'll be able to see what you need to focus on in order to evolve at a karmic level.

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