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Saturn sextile North Node

Making Positive Changes, Together

Kelli Fox

You can help your lover to ground their goals in reality and focus on their future path. They will look to you for inspiration in how to take responsibilities seriously and move forward in life. You have some experiences and accomplishments under your belt, and you can share these with them, giving them sound advice and guidance and drawing from your past-life dynamic with them, when you functioned as their employer, guardian, teacher or mentor, or perhaps their older sibling.

This time around, just as you did so long ago, you can show them the value of taking life seriously and setting realistic long-term goals. Your communicative bond is strong, especially if other aspects between you underscore the connection, and the natural sense of trust between you will help both of you, but especially your partner, to get serious about your futures. In particular, you should both focus on moving past insecurities as an important part of your karmic growth. As you learn to set aside your security needs in favor of personal transformation, your lover will be inspired to do the same. You can offer them advice and wisdom in the process of making positive changes.

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