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Saturn quincunx Venus

Learning to Be More Spontaneous

Kelli Fox

A past-life love affair that turned bitter and heartbreaking still looms in your unconscious mind, pushing you to try to make things secure in this life when you become romantically involved with someone new. But be forewarned that this person will hit your internal buttons regarding security and trust, making you try to exert your idea of control even more than usual. Was this person the very one who broke your heart so thoroughly in another lifetime?

They certainly will seem familiar to you at a deep level when you get involved with them in this life. At first, this sense of familiarity could feel comforting, but over time, you'll grow less comfortable, and you'll begin to try to subtly control the relationship and your partner. You'll try to set rules about how you two relate to each other, which, over time, could leach all the spontaneity and tenderness from your connection. You might grow even more reserved than you started out with regards to displays of affection, discouraging your lover from reaching out to you in public or in other moments when you don't expect an affectionate advance. Gradually, a coolness will develop between you, and the passion that you both once felt will be tepid. If you don't want that to happen, you'll have to find a way to deal with your relationship anxieties, or at least set them aside enough to have a more natural, spontaneous and warm interaction with your lover.

Saturn quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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