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Saturn quincunx Uranus

Different Expectations Regarding Responsibility

Kelli Fox

Your more conservative or traditional ideas regarding work, responsibility and security will clash with your lover's own ideas on the same level. They'll tend much more toward freedom and creativity, shucking off tradition in favor of new strategies and structures -- which may thrust your insecurities into high gear. You've built these structures in your life, after all, because you felt that you needed the sense of security that they imparted.

You've been through plenty of upsets in past lives as well as in this one that have added to your inner anxieties and made you want to avoid the same kinds of problems in the future. In fact, you needed to depend on this person in another life but they failed you, breaking your trust. When you get involved with them in this life, those old, difficult emotions may rise up again. You might start to feel as if the freedom-seeking part of their personality is an actual threat to whatever it is that you're trying to establish in your own life. They'll seem irresponsible to you, as if they refuse to accept the responsibilities of a committed relationship, a steady job or an orderly lifestyle. But if you can calm your anxieties enough to take a step back and look at the situation more objectively, you'll realize that you actually have much to learn from your lover's sense of freedom. Their idea of tending to responsibilities may be different from yours, but that doesn't make it less valid. If you can learn to respect their methods, you'll go a long way toward resolving the tricky karma that exists between you.

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