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Saturn quincunx Sun

Your Own Inner Sense of Strength

Kelli Fox

The things you think you need in order to feel safe in life or in a romantic relationship don't really mesh with your partner's basic personality, which will create problems as your relationship progresses. You'll go along as you've always done, trying to set things up the way you think you need them to be, but your partner will naturally work against your established structures, because to them, they will seem unnecessary and even extraneous. This doesn't have to drive you apart, but you will both have to recognize that you have some very basic differences in your needs.

You're coming from a past life that challenged your ability to feel secure; you lived through some scary, upsetting or just heartbreaking experiences, and in this life, unconsciously, you're trying to make sure the same things won't happen again. But while your partner has also lived through insecurities and deprivations of their own, their experiences have been different from yours, and in this life, they may be more attuned to developing true, inner strength than you are. And while they may want to pull you along on their journey toward personal strength and truth, it may not be possible, at least not in this lifetime; your needs may simply be too different. Do communicate about your feelings, though, and respect your partner's feelings, even if you can't understand them. Remind yourself that they've been through difficult past-life experiences, just as you have; and thus, you both need a bit of tenderness, just as much as you both need to develop your very own inner sense of strength.

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