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Saturn quincunx Saturn

Differing Security Needs

Kelli Fox

When you two were involved in another life, neither one of you got just what you needed or wanted, and you'll find that the same uneasiness and incompatibility exist in this one. You still don't understand each other's needs; what one of you considers essential to feeling secure in the relationship doesn't match up with the other's idea of security, and your ideas of professional and personal success may not match up very well either. Your senses of values are far apart, and if your relationship progresses past the beginning stages, you'll both begin to look at each other in confusion and frustration, wondering why your partner is so different from you and why you can't seem to get where they're coming from.

Since a sense of security is so important in a long-term love affair, you'll certainly have to work out this issue if you stay together for any length of time. The good news is, arriving at a compromise is possible, and it will help to resolve this difficult karma between you once and for all, ensuring that you won't carry it on to another lifetime -- or even another relationship. But it will require lots of careful communication and trust-building. Be sure to listen to each other and try to meet each other's security needs, even if they seem utterly foreign to you.

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