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Saturn quincunx Neptune

The Tangible vs the Intangible

Kelli Fox

The subtle feeling of distrust that will grow between you over time will hark back to another lifetime, when you were pitted against each other in a mutual struggle for safety. You chose material means of security, while your partner chose spiritual and emotional means -- and your separate choices pulled you away from each other, creating some bitter karma that has lasted through to this life. When you become intimately involved again, those same feelings will arise: your distrust of your lover's spiritual side, which you'll see as escapism; and their dismissal of all that you deem to be important on a tangible level.

You'll be skeptical of their need to connect with life at a deeply emotional level, because what you think you need is so different from that. But you also need to tap into the spiritual side of human perception, because your inner needs for security can't all be addressed through material means like hard work, financial security, responsibility and so on. If you can learn to respect your lover's methods rather than distrusting them, you'll realize that you have much to learn from them in terms of both spirituality and creativity. With a compassionate and sensitive approach, they may be able to help you develop greater inner strength.

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