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Saturn quincunx Mars

Scared of Your Lover's Goals and Desires

Kelli Fox

The ways in which your partner expresses their energy and desires will seem all wrong to you, because it will go almost directly against the things you consider to be essential to your own sense of security and well-being. You may not notice this dynamic at first, but it will become more apparent after some time spent getting to know each other and deepening your connection. Then, you may start to try to control your lover's behavior, because their desires might actually scare you at a deep level.

Because of your past-life experiences, you try in this life to build up certain structures in order to feel safe; but this person will challenge those structures in some way that is threatening to you. It's possible that they figure in one of your past lives, in a difficult experience that made you feel insecure; but it's also possible that they will enter your life now purely to force you to get over some of those old fears that no longer have much to do with who you are today. As a rule of thumb in this relationship, remember that whatever your partner does that sets you most on edge will point directly to some deep-rooted fear hidden within you, one that wants to be exposed to light and eradicated once and for all. This process will be painful for you, though, in part because your lover will resist all your attempts to keep them under control, thereby deepening your anxieties all the more. Compromise and communication are the only things that will help you to develop a stronger internal sense of safety and get along better on this level with your partner.

Saturn quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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