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Saturn opposite Venus

A Chilling Lack of Warmth

Kelli Fox

You'll hit all your partner's buttons regarding superiority, affection and control, and they'll hit all of yours regarding the same issues. Why? In another life they may have been your lover, and they broke your heart.

Or, perhaps you were their caretaker or mentor, but rather than guiding them, you attempted to control them. You withheld affection from them, criticizing their mistakes rather than praising their accomplishments. Whatever happened between you so long ago, it was based on heartbreak and control, and the same dynamic will grow between you in this life if you aren't careful in how you treat them. Your lover will try to resolve this old, bitter karma by attempting to draw out your sweet side and create a sense of love and intimacy between you; but you'll resist their attempts, perceiving that if you give in to their love, you'll somehow lose control of the entire relationship. But what are you afraid of, really? Are you afraid that they'll break your heart or leave you behind? They're scared of the very same things. Instead of coldly wielding control over them, why not open up and show your vulnerable side -- a side that they'll be able to relate to very well, as they have one of their own? If you simply reenact this drama from another lifetime without trying to learn from it this time around, you'll find that you crush your partner's loving spirit even as you impoverish your own through this chilling lack of warmth.

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