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Saturn opposite Uranus

Trying to Control the Uncontrollable

Kelli Fox

Your sense of the structures that must be in place in order to make life livable -- hard work, perhaps, or financial security, or romantic commitment -- will go directly against your partner's idea of what makes life interesting. They may be less concerned with security than you are, and more interested in pushing boundaries to discover new frontiers; and this pioneering spirit will feel quite threatening to you, just as it did in another lifetime when your partner's sense of freedom and innovation threatened your own sense of security. Perhaps back then it was truly an issue of life and death; maybe their lawlessness threatened your physical safety in some way, or their insistence upon following their muse rather than securing a steady income forced you and your children to go hungry.

In this lifetime this dynamic will again feel like a matter of life and death, but developing a sense of humor about it -- realizing that, in fact, you won't die if you allow your partner to think outside the box -- will be a very positive karmic step for you both. If you can treat each other's ideas and needs with respect, you'll be able to create the best of both worlds: your partner's sense of creativity blended with your own sense of order and tradition. It is possible for you to learn to accept their sometimes outrageous ideas and to help ground them, and for them to accept your need for security while helping you to break out of your mold from time to time.

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