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Saturn opposite Saturn

A Lot to Teach and Much to Learn

Kelli Fox

The considerable age difference between you is no accident: If you're attracted to one another in this life, it will be because you each recognize something in each other from your own deep and distant past. There's a good chance that you weren't equals in a past-life connection; rather than lovers, you may have been parent and child, mentor and student or even master and slave. Again in this life, there will be an imbalance between you related to your ages and your positions in life.

Your concerns in life are quite different as a result of your differing positions, and this could become more and more a problem as your relationship continues. You do both have plenty to teach each other, but the relationship may always be weighted more toward the elder of you being in the role of teacher or taskmaster. You'll also find that you set off each other's fears and anxieties regarding security of various types -- financial, professional, romantic and so on. You simply have opposite needs in these areas, and you may really frustrate each other as you try to get your own needs met. Again, however, you have much to learn from each other. The younger partner can bring their youth and new ideas to the table, while the older partner will bring caution and tradition. A blending of these attributes will be difficult to attain, but will be the best possible outcome of a long-term connection between you. Even if you decide not to continue your affair, neither of you should give in to any urge to show each other disrespect based on generational differences.

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