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Saturn opposite North Node

Release Them from Obligation

Kelli Fox

An odd dynamic could develop between you as your relationship progresses. At a deep level you may feel that your partner owes you something -- that they are somehow indebted to you for an old obligation that needs to be repaid. This feeling likely comes not from this lifetime but a past one in which either you did some great favor for them and have felt ever since that they owed you something substantial in return; or you managed them as their master or employer, and that old power dynamic is still in place in this life.

You'll treat them this time around as if you're an authority figure instead of their equal, and chances are good that they'll slip right into their role of underling, allowing you to tell them how to think and behave, what to believe and value, and more. You'll both feel comfortable with this role, so much so that neither one of you may do anything to change it. Your partner may not even realize that in handing over the reins of their life to you, they're cheating themselves out of the personal growth that would help them to fulfill this lifetime's portion of their karmic destiny. If you care for them, you should focus on allowing them to be the person they are, with their own goals, beliefs, values and opinions, and attend to your own life as they tend to theirs.

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